Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

• Reviews and inputs all information in records to insure accuracy and completeness of each form.
• Works toward meeting performance management goals.
• Follows CDSS plan and Code of Conduct system daily.
• Maintains good housekeeping in all areas and complies with safety practices.
• Complies with all DOL guidelines, OFCCP regulations, notices and bulletins, and Center policies and procedures.
• Models, mentors, monitors appropriate Success Standards.
• Participation in mandated staff training is mandatory. Failure to participate may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Key Competencies:

• Presents information both clearly and concisely and regularly confirms correct interpretation of information.
•Very high standard of communication skills both written and oral for the presentation of facts and ideas.
• Written communication must be clear, concise, easy to read and comprehend.
• Demonstrates the ability to handle several projects simultaneously.
• Implements the key principles of time management, task allocation and priority assignment in addition to personal organization.
• Continually seek ways to improve the service provided via development of professional skills and personal growth.
• Initiates and responds to suggestions for improving service.
HIGHLIGHTS: Proficiency with advanced Microsoft Office applications including Word, Power Point and Excel.

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