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Why Your Business Should Consider Work From Home


COVID-19 shook up many different aspects of our world. Businesses had to adapt to constant changes, while people switched careers or worked remotely. And now since COVID is (hopefully!) on a downward trend, we can start returning to pre-pandemic norms. However, there are certain changes we should continue to embrace, including allowing some positions to work from home.

Today’s workers are looking for more work from home opportunities. According to an OWL Labs survey, 59% of job seekers said they would choose an employer that offered remote work compared to those that didn’t. This means that more of the labor market’s priorities are shifting, and remote work is an important perk. So should your business consider allowing some positions to work from home? There are actually several good reasons why you should that benefit both the employee and you.

Employees are More Productive Working From Home

There are various studies over the last decade that point to more productivity. Going back to OWL Labs, they found 24% of people were more effective at their job. Other respondents said there were less distractions so they could finish their work quickly. Overall, the majority said they were happier in general and mental health improved as a whole. If you have happy and healthy employees, that will always lead to improved performances.

An Office can be Anywhere

Not only will employees save time commuting, but they’re also able to work wherever they choose. This can be a morale booster as they can work where they feel most relaxed. It can also save you money on office space or downsize to a smaller building with a lower rent.

A Better Work-Life Balance

A flexible schedule is a major selling point. Employees can work from home as well as spend more time with family or run errands they would normally not be able to do. They’re no longer constrained to the nine-to-five schedule and can be reached outside of normal business hours. Plus they are more responsive too!

Technology Makes Communication Easier

It’s easier to transition some jobs to a remote position with today’s software. Attendance software, video chat, instant messaging and performance management software is better now than it was a couple years ago. You’ll be able to touch base with your employees easily and keep track of their work progress too.

Improved Hiring and Employee Retention

Millennials and Gen Z are about to make up a majority of the workforce in the next five years. Many of them not only prefer work from home, but will choose companies that allow it over others that don’t. Owl Labs also found that 23% surveyed would take a 10% pay cut to work remote permanently. Other surveys have shown some people are willing to sacrifice some benefits to work from home. If you do have an entirely remote team, you’re able to hire the best talent from anywhere around the country. Giving employees the opportunity to work remotely can improve morale and they will likely continue to work for your company

As you can see, there are many benefits for everyone when it comes to working from home. However, you may have some positions that need to be in office or have people come back in for certain projects, and that’s fine. You’ll want to have a policy in place before allowing remote work requests and deciding which positions qualify for remote work. Remember, you need to decide what is ultimately best for your company and how you can help it grow.

Do you need help placing any remote workers? We have experience with that! Reach out to us by clicking here or call 501-801-8061.

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