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Why Reducing Your Workload Makes You More Productive


Do you ever feel like you’re going 90 to nothing spinning a bunch of plates and trying to keep them from crashing down on you? Not only can that type of workload create a lot of stress and anxiety, but your priorities get messed up. You’re spending all your time focused on the everything but productivity. You’re not super human so quit acting like it!

You are much better off to stay in your lane and only take on the responsibilities that serve you. You know, the ones that you are best suited for, allow you to tap into your zone of genius, and produce your best work. When you work within your strengths ideas and results come more naturally and are more fluid. Therefore, you actually get more done because the work you are doing comes easier for you.

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others. It can be hard to give up control and to feel like you have to have your hands in everything to make sure it gets done and gets done right. The problem with that is you waste precious time and energy on projects that someone else who has a stronger skill set can do in a fraction of the time. Bonus: delegating tasks to your team also builds trust and empowerment within your organization contributing to a winning culture!

Don’t volunteer for every committee or every project our of shear obligation. Get involved with the projects and committees where you can truly add value. Say no to the ones that give you that pit in your stomach, that feeling of dread. That is your gut, your intuition telling you that you really shouldn’t get involved.

Additionally when you volunteer out of obligation, you are not giving others a chance to step up and get involved. There are people who hesitate to get involved because they don’t think they are needed or that they are not good enough. This is your opportunity to encourage them and let them know that they do have the ability to add value to the team and the team needs them! A little positive reinforcement from you will build their confidence and could make a difference in their life.

Spend your time wisely working on things that you are truly good at and empower your team to do the same. You become a better steward of your gifts enabling you to truly make a difference in the lives of others. You’ll find your entire team will be more productive and happy because they enjoy their work more. The result is a culture that breeds productivity, a positive environment, and attracts like minded people to your team.

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