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Why Manufacturing Jobs are Perfect for Millennials


Millennial workers are flooding the marketplace at an opportune moment for hiring managers in the manufacturing sector. And while manufacturing managers are well aware of this and are actively reaping the benefits, many young millennial job seekers haven’t yet made the connection between their valuable skills and the demands of employers in this often understaffed industry.

If you’re a young job seeker between the entry level (mid-twenties) and the mid-career or junior management level (mid-thirties), it’s a good idea to keep manufacturing opportunities on your radar. Here’s why.

Millennials tend to be flexible and enterprising.

If you don’t fit this description, feel free to skip to the next item on the list. But if you’re open to blazing your own trail and you’re not held back by convention, rigid traditions, or your parent’s expectations, manufacturing can provide what you’re looking for. Too often, laid-off workers in their forties would rather suffer in silence and keep scanning job boards then take a position as a forklift operator, because they find this work to be “beneath” them. They don’t recognize that these jobs are technical, challenging, and offer high starting salaries. For someone like you, these concerns are less likely to present an obstacle.

Manufacturing is increasingly code-focused.

If you’re certified as a CNC programmer, or someone who operates machine tooling software, you can write your own ticket right now. Some manufacturing hiring managers are desperately in need of candidates who hold this credential, and they’re willing to offer salaries, benefits, and perks in keeping with their level of demand.

Manufacturing involves creativity and critical thinking.

If the word “manufacturing” makes you think of burned-out worker bees who spend their days standing beside an assembly line, think again. Manufacturing requires creative approaches to everything from product development, to engineering, to operations, to organizational efficiency. Take a look around an average production facility and you won’t see human robots; You’ll see engaged, intelligent people who are well in control of their careers.

For more on the benefits of a career in manufacturing, and for a list of open positions that can launch your future in this direction, contact the staffing and employment experts at Career Staffing Services.

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