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Which are Better For your Small Business: Tortoises or Hares?

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Your small business is finally taking off, and you’re walking a daily line between boundless excitement and cautious optimism. You want to spring ahead, seize the day, and take wild risks! But you also want to move forward one step at a time, take no risks at all, and carefully protect the tiny enterprise you’ve worked so hard to put together.

And now it’s hiring time.

You have several candidates applying for each of your open positions, and so far only one thing is certain: each of these positions will be critical to the success of your fragile new company. If you place the right person in the position, your growth will be limitless. If you make a hiring mistake at this early stage, you’ll pay a very high price.

So should you choose the rabbits—the candidates who leap forward, move fast, make quick decisions, and accomplish enormous amounts of work during the day? Or should you lean toward the slow movers who won’t accomplish as much, but who will take a methodical approach and make fewer mistakes? Which strategy will work better for a small growing business like yours?

Rabbits: Covering Ground

The best answer, whenever possible, is simple: hire both. Diversity is always an asset, and if you can bring multiple personality types on board, the strengths and weaknesses on your team will balance out. But for small business managers, this isn’t always an option. And as you’ll come to learn, business decisions aren’t always clear-cut and easy.

When you have to choose, pick the rabbits. Why? Because at this stage, you won’t get anywhere if you’re held back by a fear of risk. As your business grows and gains stability, and you build up a bank of capital and a strong client base, you can pull back and reassess. At that point, you’ll need to protect your existing assets instead of just building them from the ground up. You’ll need cautious analysts, nay-sayers, and practical plodders. You’ll need a brake to go with your gas pedal. For now, you need quick minds, busy hands, and energetic forward-thinkers.

The trick will be recognizing when you’ve crossed the line into the next phase. When you get there, the staffing and small business management experts at CSS will be standing by to help. We’ll stay by your side as you change tactics, evolve, and expand into new markets.

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