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Using Social Media to Boost Your Employer Brand

Social media

Regardless of your industry or your specific open position, the kinds of candidates you want are the ones who know how to solve problems, gather information, make smart decisions, and control their own destinies. As it happens, these clever candidates are NOT the ones who will pursue any job that comes their way. These talented types are calm, not desperate, and since they have plenty of options, they choose their employers… they don’t sit around waiting to be chosen.

If you want these candidates (and you do), then it’s time to start getting serious about your employer brand. Make your company attractive to the best of the best, and once you’ve developed a culture worth selling, sell it! Get online and position your message in a place where talented job seekers will find it. Build these moves into your strategy.

Online Employer Branding Tips

1. Start by thinking like your ideal candidate. Where will this person search when she wants information about your company? Chances are, she’ll start with Google. So do the same, and find out what’s being said about you online. To track reviews and comments made about your company, take advantage of free sites and tools like Google Alerts, Social Mention, and GlassDoor.com. This will help you understand the reputation you currently have… which is the first step to building the one you want.

2. Develop a core message. In marketing, this is known as a value proposition. What can you offer to candidates that no other company can? What’s special about your workplace and how does this strength benefit your ideal candidate? For example, if you provide room for growth and a quality coaching/mentoring/career management program, ambitious candidates will want to hear this. If you provide an innovative workplace that encourages risk taking and flexibility, then forward-thinking creative types will be drawn to you.

3. Deliver your message. Start with Twitter. Keep your employees happy and make them feel respected, then encourage your happy, respected employees to tweet from the rooftops. Build and encourage an active Twitter community that blends industry news and innovations with outreach to talented potential employees.

4. Move on to Facebook and the blogosphere. Maintain an active Facebook profile with a relatable human voice, and do the same thing with your company blog. Keep your blog fresh, smart, approachable and appealing. For help, enlist a professional writer or an established digital marketing firm.

For more detail on how to launch an online brand and keep your reputation strong so you can attract the best candidates, reach out to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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