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Turn Temporary Assignments into Permanent Positions

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Are looking for a way to turn your temporary employment situation into a full-time gig? If you’ve settled into your workplace and you find yourself enjoying the luxury of fulfilling tasks, friendly coworkers, a functional business model, and a steady paycheck, why not stay? Use these tips to gain the interest and attention of your employer and make the transition from temporary to full time.

Turn a Temp Job into a “Real” Job: Simple Steps

1. First, recognize that you’re not just working here; you’re auditioning for a larger role. Every task you complete is part of an ongoing job interview. Chances are, your employer wants to fill a long term position just as much as you want to step into one. But these are challenging times, and when it comes to hiring, your employer probably isn’t interested in taking risks. She wants a sure thing, and she’s looking for a candidate who she’s seen on the job and who she knows she can trust.

2. There’s also a chance that you aren’t being watched and vetted for a larger role at all. In fact, you may be utterly unnoticed by everyone around you, since none of these people see your training and career path as their own responsibility. Temps often come and go in the workplace like ghosts—overlooked and completely unremembered. Don’t let this happen. Smile and make eye contact with everyone you meet. Remember names. Make friends. Leave an impression.

3. Take an interest in the company, and let your interest be known. Do what you’re told, but don’t be afraid to ask how these tasks fit into a larger picture and contribute to company success. Be curious and engaged, and pay attention to the long term results of your work.

4. Speak up. Ask for what you want. And if you find out that you’re asking the wrong person, find the correct person, go to that person, and make your case. Be bold in your self-advocacy. Nobody can be expected to provide what you want unless they know you want it. 

5. Dress and present yourself for the job you want, not the one you have. Remember: For the ambitious person, there is no casual Friday. You may be “just a temp” right now, but don’t come to the workplace in sweats if you hope to stay here permanently.

For more help with career management and long term planning strategies, contact the Little Rock staffing and employment experts at CSS. We can match you with the job you need right now, and we can also steer you toward the job you hope to step into in the future.

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