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Trying to Find a Job in Aerospace Engineering? Conduct a Mock Interview Using These Questions.

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Aeronautical, astronautical, and aerospace engineering are all careers with a strong and rising level of demand. These are the professional experts involved in every stage of design and development for aircraft and spacecraft systems. And while entry into this field can be challenging, the rewards for the most talented employees can be comparatively high.

Most employers in the astronautical and aerospace engineering industry expect at least a bachelor’s degree from new engineers at the junior level. Those who intend to advance to a senior level or management position should be willing to pursue a PE, or Professional Engineering license.  This means practicing under a licensed PE for four years and then passing a series of exams covering aerospace engineering principles and practice.

At either of these levels, a job interview for an aerospace engineering position usually won’t involve direct questions about engineering fundamentals (though you should be ready to answer these types of questions, just in case.) By the time you’re called in for an interview, your resume, degree and other credentials should provide your interviewer with enough information to know that you have the basic skills necessary for the job.

Instead, your job interview may consist of series of questions about your long term career plans, your practical experience, and the roles you tend to adopt when working with others. Be ready to respond to questions like the following.

 Mock Interview Questions for Aerospace Engineering Candidates

Describe your experience with….

The modeling of flexible dynamics? Systems testing? Spacecraft mission design? Navigation control systems? Defense policies? Artificial intelligence? These are just a just a few possible areas of emphasis that may be essential to a given aerospace engineering position. And though the question may sound broad, it’s designed to give you an opportunity to provide an open ended description of your experience.

If you’re asked a question like this, pause for two full seconds before you answer, so you can assemble your thoughts. Then clearly describe your most relevant exposure to the subject at hand. Speak with confidence.

How would you describe your preferred role when working with a team?

This question is designed to provide insight into your personality. Are you a leader or a follower? Do you prefer to take instructions or give them? If you have to choose between accuracy and a deadline, which matters more to you? When you answer, be honest. Don’t assume you know what kind of personality the interviewer is looking for. Just describe the role that feels most comfortable to you.

What aspects of this industry are most interesting to you?

If you’re fascinated by the commercialization of space, or you’ve always dreamed of working with satellites, lasers, avionics, or strategic defense, now is the time to describe your long term ambitions. Again, be honest when you discuss where you’d like the future to take you. Don’t assume you know what the interviewer wants to hear. She will be listening for signs of passion in your voice, a clear sense of direction, and long term goals that align with those of the company.

Before the day of your job interview, practice speaking on these subjects with a friend. Focus on the pace of your speech and your body language. For additional guidance with interview preparation and other aspects of your job search, contact CSS and speak to our staffing experts. We can help you find a job you love and keep your career on track.

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