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Top Aerospace Engineering Schools

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The famous U.S. News and World Report Graduate School rankings are in for 2012, and prospective graduate students in almost every imaginable field will be checking in with the long standing publication to find out where their favorite schools fall on the list. Students who haven’t yet settled on a venue for their masters or PhD studies are expected to use the list as guideline to help them determine which schools offer the best education for the best value. Many of these students are also looking for some insight into which schools are more likely to drawn respect from prospective employers during the job search process.

The actual value of the “The List”, as it’s sometimes called, is uncertain. When asked, most hiring managers say they don’t even pay attention to the list from one year to the next. So it’s never a good idea for a prospective graduate student to make this important life choice (and perhaps step deeply into debt) based on the opinion of this single publication or any other. A wise prospective student will be more likely to choose an institution based on her respect for the faculty and a compatible set of academic goals and principles. But that being said, it’s always nice to know which schools are making successful bid for the high profile spot at the top of page one.

Top Five Graduate Programs in the Field of Aerospace Engineering

The top five graduate programs for aerospace engineering, or the science of flight for both aircraft and spacecraft, are as follows:

5. The University of Michigan—Ann Arbor ranks at number five, with an in-state tuition of $21,260 per year and out-of-state tuition of $40,006 per year.

4. At number four lies the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, with an in-state tuition of $9,986 per year, and an out-of-state cost of $26,860 per year.

3. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge ranks at number three, with a full-time one year tuition of $40,460.

2. The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena ranks in second place at $36,387 per year.

1. Stanford University takes the top of the list, at a full-time tuition of $42,660 per year.

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