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Tips for Finding New Candidates

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If you’re a hiring manager for a large, connected company with an established sourcing process and wide network of recruiters on call, then you may know exactly how to swing into action when you have an open position to fill. But managers who run their own small businesses, especially those who are new to the process, may not be sure where to turn when it’s time to start hiring new staff. Especially if they’re facing limited timelines and tight budgets. Here are a few tips that can help first time managers connect with top talent as their companies begin to grow.

1. Think carefully about your ideal candidate before you take action. Before you start drafting your job post or reaching out to your contacts, make a list of all the qualities that you associate with your hypothetical perfect candidate. What can he do? What kind of education does she have? What kind of workplace culture is he looking for? And most important, where does your ideal focus her attention during her job search?

2. Once your ideal candidate profile is complete, it’s time to draft your job post. Make sure your post is written with your perfect applicant in mind. Emphasize your company’s strongest selling features, be clear about candidate must-haves, and allow the tone and style of your post to reflect your company’s culture and values.

3. Now you’ll need to publish your post in a place where your perfect candidate will see it…And ideally, you’d rather not attract thousands of resume submissions from candidates that lack your desired credentials. A small, local, industry-specific job site might be a better bet than a huge national job board with millions of viewers per day. 

4. Consider enlisting outside help. An experienced staffing firm and a team of talented recruiters may have what it takes to help you focus in on your target audience. Staffing firms also usually have a wide net of connects and connections among skilled job seekers. They can use this net to reach out to the candidates you need—if they don’t have these names on file already. Instead of inventing the wheel on your own and working your way through a tedious mountain of not-quite-perfect contenders, save time and money by narrowing your approach.

To find out more about how the professional staffing processes works, and to learn more about your candidate sourcing options, arrange an appointment with the Little Rock staffing pros at CSS.

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