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The Three E’s of Any Effective Hiring and Retention Strategy

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There’s an old saying in the world of business management that goes: A hires A, and B hires C. Put simply, this means strong, confident managers who know how to put the needs of the company ahead of their own are likely to hire strong, confident employees who will do the same. Weaker managers, those who are driven by their egos instead of big picture thinking, are likely to be threatened by great employees, and are more likely to hire candidates who will simply obey orders and maintain the status quo.

So first, if you’re staffing your company with your sights set on excellence and growth, it’s a good idea to think like an A. Hire candidates with superior skills and intelligence, the kind of candidates who are likely to challenge you if doing so will benefit the larger needs of the company and its customers.  And second, once you’ve attracted these candidates and brought them on board, hold onto them by providing the benefits these candidates tend to want. These benefits are known as the three E’s: Experience, Exposure, and Education.


Listen carefully during the interview process so you fully understand your candidate’s one, three and five year career goals. After the candidate becomes an employee, keep listening. And at every step, do what you can to make sure your candidate gains the specific experience that can get her where she needs to go. Hand her responsibility for projects that match these goals, and push her toward leadership roles that will help her gain the mileage she’s looking for.


Expose your A-level candidates-turned-employees to as many aspects of the business as possible. Introduce them to executives and company decision makers, and whenever possible, show them how other departments are run and how outside contractors contribute to the enterprise.


Encourage your ambitious employees to take advantage of training programs and opportunities to further their educations. In fact, don’t just encourage them. Be ready to provide the support and funding resources they need to take courses offered by local universities. And in the meantime, sponsor outside instructors and training companies to bring their programs to your site.

For more guidance and additional methods you can use to incorporate the three E’s into your hiring and management strategy, make an appointment with the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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