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The Next Industrial Revolution: Is Your Business Ready?

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If you own or manage operations for a mid-sized manufacturing firm, you probably remember what your company’s IT landscape looked like about ten years ago. Chances are, your departments used separate communication and data management platforms at that time, and when two branches of the organization wanted to share a database—for example, HR and payroll—the task required infinite patience and complex conversion software.

That outdated practice changed with the arrival of streamlined back office management systems and single platform data management. Enterprise resource management systems and MRP software transformed the manufacturing landscape in the early part of the century, allowing multiple departments to share data access and make updates in real time. Ordering, shipping, receiving, equipment maintenance, HR, accounting, and scheduling suddenly fell into place and took a huge leap forward. Larger companies that could handle the financial burden of cumbersome, expensive early adoptions took this step first, and as ERP systems became smaller, customizable, and affordable, smaller firms followed.

A few years later, the next wave of IT manufacturing advancements took place: Offsite data management. Remote servers, SaS systems, monthly data management subscriptions and cloud computing moved onto the scene, and with every passing year, offsite management becomes easier and more universal.

Now it’s time for the next IT revolution in manufacturing. Make sure your organization is prepared for the changes that lie ahead.

Mobile Access

Cutting edge manufacturing organizations are now allowing employees to connect to the company network using their own devices. And increasingly, these devices are provided by management and used to streamline communication, reduce errors, and keep every aspect of the business in constant motion, from the assembly line to the warehouse. Every employee should have access to a tablet or mobile device, and not one person in the company—from the mailroom to the shop floor—should be tied to a desk. Free your teams by keeping them in touch.

Apps an App Development

Can your IT teams create the apps you need in-house? If your employees, customers, or vendors need better access to your products, better ways to reach your staff, or better tools to help them do their jobs, can you make this happen without reaching outside the company? Take a close look at your IT pros and make sure your teams can handle the challenges and opportunities that are about to transform the manufacturing industry once again. For management tips and access to the best talent in the marketplace, reach out to the manufacturing experts at CSS.

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