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The Importance of Well-Being

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Businesses are competing for top talent everywhere. While that has always been a fact, it has been more challenging since 2020. While many people were let go or had to work remotely because of COVID-19, employees’ priorities began to change. The shift is now focused on improving their physical health, mental health, and overall well-being.

Make no mistake: There is not a worker shortage! Employment has actually been on the rise since the beginning of 2021 according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, you see several industries that continue to struggle to hire as they haven’t adapted to these changes. So what can your business do to stay ahead of the curve and get top candidates?

The perks of well-being

A survey conducted by Mercer Marsh Benefits Health found that a majority of respondents said they value support from their employers. Of the 14,000 people surveyed, 62% said their employer cares about their health and well-being. When it comes to a person’s well-being, that can mean something different to each person you ask. Mercer Marsh Benefits asked people what they thought was important to them and got a variety of answers, but found several common responses. These include: flexible working schedules; financial wellness tools; resources to assist with caregiving for kids or elderly family; insurance coverage; and general health education/fitness goals.

Employee well-being is more than just having a physical fitness or health program. If you want to set yourself apart from competitors and retain employees, then you need benefits/resources that fulfill employees’ needs. These can include promoting mental health, retirement and financial security plans, and voluntary benefits.

Employees are also trying to find ways to balance both their professional and personal lives. Finding that balance has shown in many cases to improve mental health as well as increase work performance. This can be addressed through policies like flexible work schedules, occasional remote work, paid time off, or increased family leave.


Everything should start and be looked at from the employee’s perspective. Your business needs to be able to create a positive work culture, have clear communication and respond to employee needs. These steps put you ahead of others that are also trying to recruit from the same talent pool as you are.

“When employees feel supported, in all aspects of their lives, it resonates throughout an organization,” said David Eslick, CEO of Marsh McLennan Agency. “We believe all companies, regardless of size, should have the resources to prioritize employee well- being. By investing in their team, they are investing in the
organization’s ability to thrive


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