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The Importance of CAD Knowledge in Today’s Job Market


During the course of the last decade, CAD, or computer-aided drawing programs, have taken a prominent position at the center of engineering design and development. Many engineers who were trained and educated in an earlier generation can remember when drawing and blueprint skills were a vital component of an engineering education…and they still are. But increasingly sophisticated CAD programs can allow any drawing to be digitally manipulated, altered in real time, and shared among multiple users.

CAD utility can also integrate product development and product management functions, and it can facilitate data sharing, not only throughout a company but throughout an entire industry. CAD doesn’t just improve the efficiency of a single business model or allow an engineering firm to gain a competitive edge; it actually facilitates knowledge sharing and disseminates best practices that move the science of engineering forward. So if you’re an engineer on the job market today, what can CAD knowledge do for you?

CAD Skills and Drawing Flexibility

If you have great CAD skills, then employers know that you can draft, design and efficiently handle drawing and image data in the digital sphere. If you can use CAD to manipulate three-dimensional images and control minute levels of detail, you can be trusted to handle product development tasks with both speed and accuracy. 

CAD Skills and Project Management Expertise

CAD and CAD expertise mean faster product completion, fewer errors, and greater opportunities to communicate, disseminate ideas, and share data. When your CAD skills are on track or ahead of the curve, you can probably be trusted with complex documentation and shared team goals. Not only can CAD skills help you gain an edge on the job market, they can also help you move quickly from junior engineer to senior engineer to project manager. CAD helps ambitious engineers bridge the gap between technical skills and overall project skills, since CAD-facilitated data sharing gives engineers a larger sense of how the pieces of a project fit together.  CAD experts often have a better grasp of how clients, drafters, managers, and engineers contribute to company goals and the growth of an overall bottom line.

CAD Skills: Build Them and Increase Your Market Value

If you’re not sure your CAD skills are where they need to be, find out. Then get the training you need. For specific guidance, contact the Newark, DE staffing experts at CSS. We can connect you to the right resources and help you move your job search forward.

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