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The High Cost of Manual Workforce Scheduling


Are your supervisors and project managers still relying on outdated manual schedule methods? Are your teams making last-minute, manual schedule adjustments in the face of unexpected absences or unplanned overtime needs? While it’s smart to maintain human control over complex scheduling requirements and avoid placing full trust in automated systems, it may time to investigate back office management tools that can control precision scheduling and prevent error, overlaps, and compliance problems with union contracts. No matter how many eyes are locked onto your schedule and how complex your project management needs may be, cutting edge scheduling tools can help you stay one step ahead. Here are a few key reasons to invest in this option.

Avoiding Compliance and Safety Risks

Union rules and OSHA regulations often limit the number of hours employees are able to spend on the job, or the hours they spend exposed to a given environment or set of working conditions.  Automated systems can keep your organization compliant and help you avoid penalties and fines. But just as important, they can help you deploy the right employee for the right task. Use scheduling to shape your workforce and leverage the key abilities of each member of your team.

Controlling Labor Costs

You may be able to anticipate the fluctuations in your business cycle and increase or decrease your labor needs based on your estimations of incoming orders. But you may not be picking up on minor, less predictable fluctuations that can still leave you with a few too many (or too few) hands on your shop floor. Avoid redundancies and gaps that can drain your budget or compromise the service you provide to your clients. Automated scheduling can help you produce a quality product while keeping your workforce as lean as possible.

Increasing Employee Engagement

If you think fairness and equitability have little impact on your bottom line, think again. Fair workplace policies and scheduling practices can improve engagement and morale and limit turnover and burnout. Use an automated scheduling system to control overtime, PTO, and the distribution of more appealing shifts. Scheduling systems can also help team leaders respond fairly to time-off bids.

For more on the benefits of automated scheduling and how to identify the right scheduling system for your workplace, reach out to the Little Rock staffing and management team at CSS.

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