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The Biggest Reason Employers Miss out on Great Candidates and How to Avoid It


Everywhere you turn you see Now Hiring signs. Today’s labor market is tight and challenging, but the good news you can still find good employees to fill your positions. However, you may need to adjust your hiring process to avoid missing out on that perfect candidate! The biggest reason employers are missing out on good candidates is that their hiring process takes too long.

Most job seekers are interviewing with more than one company and very likely will end up with multiple job offers. All things being equal they are likely to go to work for the employer who offers them a job first. The following tips will ensure you don’t lose that great candidate to another employer!

Respond Quickly to Resumes or Applications

Have a system in place to acknowledge the receipt of an application or resume. This is the time to show that your company cares and values its employees and potential employees. Let them know when you plan to follow back up. Not responding comes across as if you are not interested or that you don’t valued the time they took to apply.

If the job seeker has been actively applying elsewhere but knows that they can expect to hear back from you in the near future, they will be more likely to stall on accepting another offer until they at least have a conversation with you.

Streamline the Interview Process

Much like yourself, a candidate’s time is also important so you want to be efficient when it comes to interviews. Multiple interviews for a candidate are fine, but coordinate these ahead of time.
Rather than bring the candidate back 3 or 4 times, conduct the second interview with all of the other decision makers present. What you don’t want to happen is to lose a great candidate because your interview process took too long. While you are waiting to for the hiring manager to let you know their availability, your candidate will accept another offer.

Follow Up and Next Steps

Set expectations with the candidate by letting them know the next steps in your hiring process. Will you be meeting with the other team members later in the week? Do you expect to make a decision then? Is there anything else you are waiting on or need the candidate to provide?

Be clear, especially when it comes to your timeline in making a decision. Then if they receive other offers but are very interested in your position, they can politely let the other companies know when they expect to make a decision. This prevents them from losing out on a good offer should you choose another candidate. Additionally, you haven’t burned any bridges should you have another opportunity and want to reconsider them.

Don’t Wait to Make the Offer

Don’t be that employer that interviews the perfect candidate, but does not make the offer because you want to see who else is available! If the person has the skills and experience you are looking for and is available to start when you need them, then what are you waiting for? Remember all those Now Hiring signs! If you choose to wait, you may just lose that perfect person that really wanted the job and have to settle for a less qualified candidate. So unless you already have interviews lined up, show them you are serious and make the offer!

Final Thoughts

There is a psychological and cultural advantage to following these steps. Today’s job seekers want to be part of an organization where they feel wanted. By acknowledging their interest in your company, clearly setting expectations, following through and making a timely decision, you have displayed respect for them as an individual and set the tone for what it will be like to work for your company. What a great way to start a new employer/employee relationship!

Are you missing out on great candidates? Or are you struggling to find them? The team at Career Staffing Service is happy to consult with you for free to see if we can provide a solution. We eliminated the headaches of recruiting, screening and filling open jobs so you can spend your time running your day to day operations! Call us at 501-801-8061 or contact us here.

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