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The Benefits of a Customer Conference

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A “customer conference” is an annual or semi-annual event in which a company actively reaches out to every member of its client base to share feedback, industry updates, general news, and personal contact. Some customer conferences take place in real world settings, like convention centers, on established dates. Others involve national or global interactive presentations that customers can dial into online or by phone. 

But no matter how customer conferences are structured, or how long they go on (anywhere from a few hours to a few days), this trend is taking hold across a wide range of industries. Companies that provide contract-based services are especially interested in the practice, since their success often depends on open communication and constant contact with their customers. So if your business falls into this category, how can you benefit from a customer conference?

1. First, the ROI on this process can be surprisingly high. For the cost of one event or retreat, held on a local or national scale, you’ll strengthen your relationship with every customer who benefits from your services. Even if a client can’t attend the event, the very fact that you’re holding one shows that you take client contact, feedback, and input very seriously.

2. A meeting like this gives you a chance to show off. If the event is held online, use the opportunity to showcase your command of cutting edge presentation technology. If the event is held in a live space, you can give your customers the red carpet treatment and make them feel valued and respected.

3. A customer conference opens up countless new opportunities for innovation. Some of the best and most transformative ideas take place through unstructured conversation, and gathering your customers together for open meetings and sit-down sessions can generate sparks that can lead to new projects that can drive your company forward.

4. A conference can help shine a light into the dark corners of your customer relationships. If you have a client who’s been bottling up or ignoring certain frustrations with your product or your service, this meeting gives them ample opportunity to voice their concerns, no matter how large or small they may be.

5. A conference gives you a chance to educate your customers regarding the status of your industry, which of course will have a direct impact on theirs. Show your customers what lies ahead, and what kinds of technologies and new practices are on the horizon. Generate excitement for the future of this partnership. 

If you’re thinking of planning and executing a customer conference in your sector of the marketplace, the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS can help. Reach out to our office and arrange a consultation today.

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