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Taking the Fear Out of Hiring Employees


Hiring new employees is just one of many hats that managers and small business owners wear. We often have so many things pulling us in various directions. The thought of recruiting and hiring new employees can be daunting especially when unemployment is at a historical low.

The good news is that hiring new employees doesn’t have to be something that you lose sleep over! If you make this simple mindset shift it becomes an opportunity and not a threat:

Your employees are an investment in your business!

Following are three common fears around hiring. You will see how shifting your mindset changes your outlook and makes the process a welcome challenge.

I don’t have time to hire someone!

If you are so busy that you’re meeting yourself coming and going, then the truth is that you don’t have time not to hire someone! Bringing on additional staff will free up your time allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Assess the needs of your business. What tasks are you doing that could easily be turned over to someone else? Do the things consuming your time cause you frustration and stress? Do they requires skills that don’t come natural to you?

Get clear on a job description. Write down everything that your new hire will be doing and the responsibilities he or she needs to assume in order to make it worth your while. Can you see how investing in a new employee will allow you to spend your time developing your business? You should be working on your business and not in your business!

It will be easier just to do it myself than to train someone!

As a small business owner I have been guilty of this, but it’s important to understand this is a fixed mindset and in the long run it will limit your ability to grow your business. Yes the training will take time and yes your new hire could experience a learning curve! However, this is your opportunity to implement training systems and teach and share your expertise.

You also want to bring on someone whose skill set is stronger than yours if you are turning over duties that frustrate you such as updating your website or creating reports in Excel. Make the investment of your time and money into training and you will be building the foundation of a winning team and a growing business!

What if business slows down and I can’t afford to keep my new employee?

While this is a legitimate concern, remember you are bringing on an additional employee to free up the workload so that you and/or other team members can focus on growing the business. Again, the new employee is an investment in your business and you should expect to see a return on your business.

Ease your fear of not being able to keep the employee by maximizing the use of a probationary period. Put systems in place that enable you to train and evaluate his or her progress during this period. Set expectations for yourself and other team members that your will focus on business growth. If the business isn’t keeping pace then understand that cutting an employee is a business decision and not a personal one.

Another option is to bring the new employee on as a temporary employee through a staffing agency (like Career Staffing Services). At the end of the temporary assignment you have the option to hire the employee permanently or extend the contract. You may also cut them lose at any time and for any reason. The added benefit is that you will minimize onboarding expenses until you are ready to hire. If you choose not to hire, the agency handles the termination and any unemployment claims are not charged to your account.

Summing it up: Hiring is a business investment!

Approaching the hiring process as an investment in your business will ease your fears. Get clear on the job description. Systemize the onboarding and training process. Finally, keep the focus on growing the business and you will have a winning strategy!

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