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Success Starts Here: 4 Tools to Develop a Success Oriented Mindset


All success starts with the right mindset. Whether your goals are financial, career, relationships, spiritual, or physical. If you expect to succeed you must start with the right frame of mind. While it’s not complicated, it does require consistent effort. It would be wonderful if you could just state your intentions, say a few affirmations and boom: you find yourself effortlessly completing your tasks and achieving your goals. But the truth is, sometimes it’s just hard and quite frankly you just don’t feel like doing it!

The good news is that once you get in the in the right mindset, the choice is already made! You will succeed because you have already decided that failure is not an option! Let me be clear, there will be challenges and obstacles along the way, but because you have the right mindset, you will learn from those set backs and use them to propel you forward. By applying the following 4 tools to create a success oriented mindset your belief and your confidence will soar. Taking action will become easier over time as you move closer to your goals.

Anchor in your goals.

Picture yourself in 5 years. Write down in a journal what your life will look like if you don’t do the work required to reach your goals. Have you been unable to advance your career or improve your financial situation because you failed to take action? Are you worse off? Are you going through the motions of life every day putting your happiness on hold until some “magical some day” when your dreams come true? What about your health? Have you gained more weight? Are you more at risk for chronic health problems because you didn’t change your diet or your lifestyle? Now consider your relationships. Are you continuing to drift apart from your partner or are you even still together? Are you ashamed of the example you’ve set for your children? Are you still spending time with friends who bring you down and disappoint you?

Imagine that it’s now 10 years down the road and you never took action. Ask yourself all the same questions. Let it sink in on how it really feels to have never gotten close to accomplishing your dreams. Your life is average at best, maybe worse. Feel the heaviness and sadness. Feel the loneliness, disappointment and regret.

Now picture yourself one year from today and you’ve had the best year of your life! You’ve taken massive action. You’re actively pursuing your goals. Perhaps you’ve even achieved them and have set new goals. You have a new found confidence. How have you progressed in your career or improved your financial situation? What are some of the things you enjoy doing that you couldn’t do before? How is your health? What do you look like? What are the relationships like with your family and friends? Write down in all down in detail so that you can really see it and feel it! Get inspired!

Make conscious choices everyday and assess them carefully.

Every day you choose how you will spend your time, where you will go, what you will eat etc. Assess these activities before you do them. Don’t just go through the motions. Instead consider the impact each activity has on your long term goals. If you choose to sit in front of the television for 2-3 hours every night will that help you make progress towards your goals? What if you spent that time reading a book or watching videos on YouTube on personal development? What if you chose to pack a lunch instead of leaving your lunches up to chance?

Everything you do, big or small, will have an impact on your life. Remember this, little things add up over time. One donut or two every once in a while might not seem to have a huge impact, but what if you ate them everyday? What if you eliminated a soda a day from your diet? What if you added in a serving of vegetables with every meal? While these are little things, over the course of a year or two they could make an impact on your health. The same is true when you choose to mindlessly numb out watching television or scrolling Facebook.

Change your words.

Drop “I cant” and “I’m not” from your vocabulary. Lose the victim mentality. It’s okay not to want to do something, but quit blaming your talent, your skills and your abilities. If you want to do something bad enough, use your brain to figure it out or ask someone to show you how. But for goodness sake, quit making excuses!

Start using words like “I am learning how to” and “I will” and “I can.” Your mind believes what you tell it. So anytime negative thoughts pop in your head, flip them to something positive. If you’re struggling with belief and having trouble seeing yourself as successful say this instead “I am making progress towards my goals.”

Visualize Success

Go back to step one and read what you wrote down in your journal about how your life will look in one year and it’s been the best year of your life. Do this daily. Start to develop more clarity around this picture. See it. Smell it. Taste it. Feel it. Believe that you have already achieved it. Each day let that picture excite you and allow it to become clearer and more specific. The key here is to do this daily. Make it a priority. Like I stated earlier, this is not complicated, but it does require consistent effort on your part.

How has your mindset impacted you positively or negatively? Share in the comments below any mindset tips that you have used to improve your life.

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