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Strategic Staffing: Getting the Most Out of Your Agency Partnership

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Building a strong relationship with your staffing partner in the present can help you manage your staffing needs in the future…but only if you take steps now to set the stage. You already know that a staffing firm can help you source and select the right candidate for your current open position. But what about the positions you’ll need to fill two, three, and five years from now? What will you do as your company begins to expand, your teams take on more responsibility, and new roles are put in place to support your growing enterprise? Keep these considerations in mind as you coach and communicate with your strategic staffing team.

1. Give and accept feedback with an open mind.

Your staffing partner listens carefully to every word as you describe your needs and discuss your open position. But if something goes wrong, honest communication can help you turn mistakes into victories. Be articulate, don’t pull punches, and work together to pave the way for a better applicant pool and better hires in the future. At the same time, when your staffing partner needs more information, be clear and open about your requirements and red flags.

2. Be direct with your candidates.

Never mislead candidates about their roles and responsibilities in this position, and work with your staffing partner to keep the presentation of the role—and your company—honest and open. If you’re taking on a temp with no possibility of future full time work, make this known. If you’re taking on a temp in a probationary capacity and you hope to find someone who can accept a full time role, explain this up front.

3. Reject with clarity and confidence.

If your temporary candidate isn’t working, let the staffing agency know right away. The sooner they can correct the issue, coach the employee, or find a replacement, the better they’ll understand your workplace culture and your staffing needs. And the more likely you are to be happy with new applicants going forward.

4. Arrange a consultation with the future in mind.

When you sit down with your staffing partner, share your vision of your company’s future and solicit feedback and ideas. Chances are, you can benefit from the suggestions and guidance of an experienced staffing pro. Here at Career Staffing services, our experienced Little Rock recruiters have helped countless small businesses attain national and global success by pairing them with the right employees. Contact out office and let us do the same for you.

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