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Stop Making These Interview Mistakes

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Do your most promising candidates seem to slip away or lose interest somewhere between the first and second interview? Do you often have great applicants who seem excited to move forward…until the day they meet your hiring managers in person? Or worst of all, do you sometimes THINK you’ve had a great interview only to find out a few months down the road that your new hire is actually terrible match? If these scenarios seem to take place far too often, there may be a weak link in your interview process. Make sure you aren’t guilty of any of the common interviewing mistakes listed below.

1. Talking too much

Don’t be a chatterbox. Which means don’t spend so much time during the interview describing the company and position that your candidate can only listen and nod.  And by all means, don’t rush to fill long pauses the way people tend to do when a conversation slows down. Allow the candidate to think carefully before speaking—don’t interrupt, talk over her, or give her no chance to flesh out her responses with additional detail. 

2. Sending mixed messages

Don’t tell your candidate that this position is terribly important to the company and then ask him to hold his thought while you attend to your ringing phone. Either the position is important or it isn’t. By the same token, don’t give a false impression of your company culture or the daily tasks the employee will face in this position. If you tell him only what he wants to hear or exaggerate the challenge and opportunity involved in this job, this relationship will get off to a confusing and rocky start.  

3. Asking questions without really listening to the answers

Surprisingly often, managers are so focused on the questions they’re asking and the impression they’re giving off that they don’t actually listen closely, read between the lines and remember the things their candidates are saying. Don’t be guilty of this. Tune in and take careful mental notes.

4. Overweighing body language

It’s no secret that candidates often come to interviews with an excess of nervous energy. While the ability to overcome the interview jitters may be admirable, it’s by no means universal. And if you can’t get past a little jumpy eye contact, hair twisting, or foot tapping, you may be missing out on a talented and excellent hire. 

Use your judgment, allow candidates to take the floor, and try to look past false “red flags” that can lead you down the wrong path. For more guidance that can help you spot the candidates you need, reach out to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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