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Skilled Trade Jobs for Veterans

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Veterans exiting the military and searching for civilian jobs typically encounter a unique set of both obstacles and advantages. And the advantages may play the determining role in job success if these candidates possess rare and sought-after technical skills.

If you’re a veteran engaged in the job search process, your odds may be promising if you hold technical skills in electronics, mechanics, electro-mechanics, or IT. Sales skills are also in high demand, and are often found in high concentrations among veteran populations.

According to a 2012 study published by the Manpower Group, many of the skills and competencies veterans bring to the job market are the same competencies that have been greatly diminished in the civilian population over the last few years. About a generation ago, the need for specialization began driving students and future workers to pursue four year degrees rather than shorter technical training programs. The logic behind this migration has been largely financial; positions requiring a four year degree were believed to yield higher salaries.

Until the onset of the recent recession, this logic held, but even as the market became oversaturated with non-technical workers and unemployment in this population began to rise, technical workers remained in high demand. And as the demand and rarity of these skill sets rose, so did standard salaries for technical positions. At this point, even though the recession is officially over and hiring for many sectors is returning to normal levels, hiring managers in certain technical fields are still scrambling to staff vital positions and overcome a serious skill shortage. These managers are now learning to stand at the pipeline and aggressively seek access to returning veterans, since this move can increase their odds of finding workers with the skills they need.

According to the survey, veterans with skills or experience in the following areas are those who coming home to the highest level of demand, and thus the best prospects on the job market:

Electrical and mechanical technicians
Sales representatives
Accounting professionals
IT experts
Production operators
Administrative assistants and support staff

If you possess these skills, or are actively pursuing the training these fields require, reach out to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS. We maintain constant contact with hiring managers across all industries, and we can help you find the open, high-demand position you’re looking for. Let our experienced staffing pros help you get– and keep– your post-military career on track.

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