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Should You Hire Friends or Family?


Business owners and hiring managers should exercise caution when it comes to hiring friends and family. There is no clear cut right or wrong answer. They can be the perfect solution. However, they can be your biggest disappointment. The last thing you want to do is to terminate someone you care about.

Rule of Thumb: It’s a Business Decision

All hiring and firing decisions should be based on what is in the best interest of your business. This includes considering how the decision affects your existing clients/customers and the ability to attract new ones. What about the interests of your current staff and the culture of your organization? Remember the bottom line. How will this decision affect your company’s profitability?

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Friend and Family

Friends and family who possess the right skill set could be a great fit! Go after the ones that fit into your company’s culture and have a strong work ethic. Because you already know and trust each other, the result can be a winning combination. This is especially true when you both maintain a professional working relationship and leave personal relationships outside the workplace.

Steer clear of hiring friends and family if you think you are doing them a favor. Never hire anyone because you feel obligated to them. Avoid hiring them if they have a poor work history. Other warning signs include always have an excuse for being late, letting others down, or problems managing their finances. Ultimately, you can love them and care about them, but hiring them won’t fix their issues.

Wrapping It All Up

By using the business as your guide, you minimize the likelihood of making decisions based on emotions and loyalty to friends and family. This keeps you focused on hiring talent that increases productivity and profitability.

Finally, as a business owner or hiring manager, it is your responsibility to set clear expectations before bringing on new employees. Therefore, if you choose to hire friends and family make it clear that they will not receive special treatment. Be diligent in holding all your employees to the same standards. Strive to maintain a culture where everyone feels their voice and opinions matter to you and to the company.

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