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Sell Yourself! Simple Steps to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

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In a crowded job market, you know you need to find ways edge ahead of your competition and set yourself apart from the crowd. But “standing out” might not be as easy and straightforward as you imagine, especially when you haven’t met most of your competitors and you don’t know what they have to offer or how their skills compare with yours. These simple steps can clear a path through the noise and confusion of a crowded marketplace and help employers remember your name.

Build Your Person Brand One Step at a Time

1. Find your value proposition

As marketing experts know, a “value position” is the shortest possible summary of what a certain product or service has to offer. If a car is being targeted to an audience of new parents, for example, the value proposition for that product might be: “This car will keep you safe.” As a potential employee, you have your own value proposition. You just need to figure out what it is. What does your unique target audience need? And what can you offer to this audience that no one else can?

2. How would others describe you?

Be honest about this. What others may say about you may perfectly reflect your value proposition…but it also may not. You may pitch yourself as an excellent programmer, but those who work with you may have more to say about your enthusiasm, your supportive attitude, or your leadership skills. Don’t just think about what you bring to the table; think about how others would measure your offerings.

3. What are your goals, and what are your timelines for these goals?

Before you present yourself to others with a clear message about what you have to offer, ask yourself: what do you want? Where are you going, and where would you like to be in three, five and ten years? Knowing exactly what you want can help you shape your pitch and keep your negotiations and communications on track.

4. How can you merge these three items with one simple message?

Now the real work begins. How can you blend these elements of your product (you) together into a message that’s simple, focused, and directed straight to your target audience? If you were selling cars to new parents, you might begin your message by emphasizing the safety of your product. Then you can describe the sense of security your customers feel while driving it. And finally, you can deliver a call to action encouraging your audience to actually open their wallets and buy. 

If you can deliver these three points in three simple sentences, you’ll leave an indelible and positive impression in the mind of your reader. And then, of course, you’ll need to follow up on that impression when you meet for an in person interview. For specific guidance, reach out to the Little Rock Staffing experts at CSS.

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