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Sales Force Automation Tools

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If you manage an enterprise that depends on a front line sales team for every aspect of survival and growth, then you know what separates a good sales pro from a great one. Top notch, highly talented sales experts don’t just have a firm handshake and a bright smile, and their experience and personal tool kits help them do more than just provide your clients with company face-time. Great sales pros know how to really listen to clients and read between the lines to determine which products and packages can help them succeed. And they stay fully on top of every stage in the sales cycle, from explaining product information to controlling inventory and managing complex orders and delivery needs. Great sales pros can also find ways to exist in multiple places at once; they stay in touch with the client, the office, the warehouse and every member of the chain, even when they’re out in the field.

So how can sales force automation streamline your account management tasks and help your team members stay connected to both the office and your client base? And how can automation tools help team members do more with less from anywhere? You can start answering this question by breaking your sales targets and accounts down by size.

Large Accounts

If your business is like most, your largest accounts may represent a very small proportion of your overall client base, but each of these large connections generates an outsized impact on your annual revenue. Those who handle these big accounts recognize that small decisions and easy client access to company information can make or break a sale, so a tablet or pad that connects a client directly to the company website can be instrumental to success. But your sales teams will also need to manage credit terms and sales tax exemptions using databases that the client can’t see. Truly efficient automation tools can help sales teams take and monitor orders, control inventory, and deliver compelling presentations to clients while also handling back office tasks on the same mobile device.

Smaller Accounts

The smaller accounts at the very bottom of the sales pyramid probably represent the largest account category for your company, but chances are it’s not cost effective to give each of these smaller accounts the personal attention that sales teams can lavish on larger players. In this case, the right ecommerce solution can allow clients to log on and control their own information, including order placement, tracking, product information, payment, and customer service concerns. A perfect automation system for smaller accounts is one that can handle multiple tasks without interference and allow customers to connect with company resources directly.

For more information about how to choose an automated system that’s scaled and customized to meet your client’s needs, reach out to the Little Rock sales staffing experts at CSS.

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