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Recruiting Skilled Trade Employees

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Skilled trade employees are experiencing growing demand as their skill sets rise in value and their overall numbers decrease. And as employment demand rises, job seekers face more options and their leverage in the marketplace begins to grow. If you’re about to launch a search for a skilled trade employee with specialized certifications and experience, prepare for a long climb. And before you begin, consider developing a recruiting strategy that will streamline the process and prevent you from wasting time and resources. Keep these tips in mind.

1. Go to the source.

Instead of casting an impossibly wide net and then sifting through hundreds of mismatched resumes, target your search from the beginning. Rather than a public post on a global, general job board, start with a trade or industry publication in your local area. You can also approach local tech schools, trade schools and universities and publish your post on sites where graduating students will see them.

2. Lean on your network.

Leverage the social networks of your current employees. Ask your teams to encourage their friends to apply, and make their efforts worthwhile by offering signing and recruitment bonuses. Meanwhile, reach out (and ask your current employees to reach out) using social media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Allow candidates to self-select.

If you need CNC programming and machine tooling skills above all else, you’re not alone. Specified skill sets like these are hard to find. So emphasize these skills in your post. You may also want candidates who are detail-oriented and demonstrate communication and leadership skills, but out of all three of those skills, be clear about the one you value most. That way, great communicators and leaders who lack the certification you’re looking for can save their own time and yours by choosing not to apply.

4. Get help.

Save time, energy, money, and frustration by handing your biggest staffing and recruiting challenges over to a team of proven experts. The Little Rock workforce specialists at CSS have decades of experience in skilled trade staffing, and our professional networks extend to every corner of the city, the state, and the nation. Wherever your candidates are hiding, we’ll help you find them and bring them on board. Call our office and arrange a consultation today.

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