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Recognizing Excellence and Rewarding Top Performers

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Both office staff and light industrial employees often work long hours and go the extra mile to support their teams. And when this happens, the benefits are twofold; this level of commitment and attention detail can lead directly to greater output, but it also builds overall productivity by elevating the culture and setting a positive example for other employees. So what can you do to reward your hardest workers and top performers? And how can you make sure you’re also rewarding those with the greatest level of improvement over time? Try these tips.

1. Keep accurate records.

When it comes to identifying your top performers (and those who improve the most over a defined time frame), don’t guess. And by all means, don’t just glance around and act on your unexamined biases. The one with the biggest smile and nicest suit is not the hardest worker, so look closer. Better yet, keep clear, detailed records of measurable productivity metrics.

2. Criticize in private, but reward in public.

Unless you know that your model employee is painfully shy or would suffer under public praise, try to offer thanks, compliments, and approval where others can see and hear you.

3. Gifts are always welcome.

Offer small rewards for a job exceptionally done, like sports or concert tickets or restaurant gift cards. You can also reward entire teams when one member performs well by bringing in pastries or ordering sandwiches for the group.

4. Time is often more valuable than money.

Sometimes the greatest reward of all is an afternoon off. Even better, offer summer hours or a few extra PTO days a year to those who go above and beyond or tackle projects others avoid. If possible, allow your best workers (by a fair assessment based on measurable metrics) to work remotely a few times per week or month.

5. But money is still nice.

Monetary incentives and bonuses for high performance will never go out of style. But if you decide to implement this practice, make sure you keep clear documentation of the records and calculations behind your decision.

For more information on how to motivate your teams by rewarding high levels of engagement, reach out to the staffing and management experts at CSS.

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