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Provide Training for your Engineering Teams

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In a recent survey distributed to over 40,000 industrial engineers across a wide range of industries, respondents were asked to list the greatest obstacles standing in the way of their personal productivity.

About 20 percent of the respondents listed “outmoded equipment” as their greatest challenge. Approximately 16 percent listed poor quality control, and another 15 percent listed low company morale. But by far the greatest number of respondents (nearly 30 percent) listed a “lack of necessary training” as their greatest frustration in the workplace.

In another component of the survey, nearly 90 percent of respondents stated that their employers offer regular access to workshops and seminars covering engineering-related topics, but almost the same percentage expressed a desire for additional forms of technical training. If you manage a team of industrial engineers, consider distributing a formal or informal survey of your own and gauge the level of interest in more and better access to educational resources. If your teams need more training, consider taking the following steps.

  1. Determine the specific areas in which skill and knowledge gaps are holding your workers back. Do they need refresher courses for software platforms they use every day? Do they need guidance with apps and mobile resources that allow them to complete calculations in the field? Or do they need hands on training with materials and machinery that may not have played a role in their previous coursework?
  2. Organize a deployment strategy that fits your budget. Do you have the financial flexibility to offer this training in house? Or will you need to contract with an outside vendor or partner with a local university or vocational program?
  3. Consider subsidizing your employees, which will allow them the freedom and flexibility to pursue training on their own. Offer—or even mandate—training and certification that employees can sign up for on their own schedules at their own chosen institutions, and then provide company reimbursement. Or you can pay for training programs chosen and scheduled by the employee in exchange for a two to three year commitment to the company after the training session is complete.

For more on how to provide the seminars, workshops and certifications that your employees need in order to maximize their productivity, reach out to the staffing and training experts at CSS.

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