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Paving the Way for a Manufacturing Comeback

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For the past several decades, low skilled assembly jobs in the manufacturing sector have moved offshore in waves, and this shift has been accelerated by the rising speed and reliability of communication technology. Low skilled workers are easy to find, hire, and train using methods that aren’t location-dependent, manufacturing centers are easy to establish and manage with high speed technology in place, and currency values mean offshore workers can accept far lower comparative salaries than their US counterparts. But while this shift has improved business conditions and elevated profits for company owners, the US economy has staggered under the removal of its blue collar job base.

At this point, some of the conditions that allowed this shift are now in reverse. The Chinese economy is heating up in a way that undermines some of the labor benefits of offshoring. And as the benefits of offshoring begin to thin out, manufacturers are starting to recognize the potential profit and savings that come from competition, innovation, and creative streamlining, all of which stem from an engaged, educated labor force. So instead of continuing to aggressively offshore labor teams in the decades ahead, smart company decision makers are turning their attention back to the US and looking for ways to inspire, train, motivate, and expand versatile skill sets among their employees here at home.

Train, Inspire, and Lead Your Manufacturing Teams

Is your manufacturing enterprise struggling to find ways to stay a step ahead of the competition? Are you turning to your hiring, training and retention practices to look for new solutions? If you aren’t, you should be. The time has come to look for answers in a domestic labor force that isn’t just paid for the work they do with their hands. It’s time to start paying for the contributions of their minds and hearts as well.

Instead of waiting for problems before you search for solutions, start looking into the future now and recognizing that the future of manufacturing success lies in the way your teams are educated and engaged. Invest in your most valuable form of capital—your human capital—and your employees will invest more in the success of your business. For proven staffing solutions in the manufacturing sector, turn to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS. Find out how we can help you attract, hire, and retain the talented work force you need.

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