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Outsourcing vs. Hiring: Which Option is Best?


With today’s tight labor market, employers may want to take a closer look at outsourcing versus hiring new staff. When you weigh your options, it just might be more cost effective to outsource the work. Consider both the current workload as well as your company’s long term projections. This is especially true if your company experiences seasonal peaks and valleys throughout the year.
The entire process of hiring can be costly. Recruiting, screening, interviewing, onboarding and training eat up a lot of time and money. By the time you get new staff hired and trained, you are even further behind.

Outsourcing may be a viable option that affords your business flexibility and efficiency. It allows your company to continue focusing on business, growth and profits while turning over the reins to skilled experts who make your vision a reality. In this relationship, you are now the paying client. Those you are outsourcing to have a vested interest in helping you succeed.
Not sure if outsourcing is a good fit for your business? Let’s dive deeper into 3 different types of outsourcing relationships.

1. Outsourcing an Entire Department

This is perfect for businesses that need to grow quickly but don’t have the management, systems or space in place to bring on several new employees. Many businesses outsource customer service, tech support and marketing call centers to a third party. Because they already have the infrastructure and systems in place, they can get your “new department” up and running quickly at a fraction of what it would cost for you to purchase equipment and hire and train employees. Plus, they can easily adapt as your needs change.

2. Outsourcing Specialized Services

Businesses often times have employees who wear many hats. As the business grows these folks can become spread too thin so naturally we think that hiring someone will lighten the workload. However, you may be better served outsourcing some of these roles. Bookkeeping and IT services are examples of specialized services that are outsourced. Many times there’s simply not enough work to warrant a full time position. Outsourcing will enable your current staff to focus on duties that are income producing and unique you’re your business. Managers and business owners find turning over these duties to experts gives them peace of mind and allows them to stay in their lane.

3. Temporary Employees

Perhaps you company has an upcoming promotion or project and needs another person to help answer the phones and gather data for a few days. Or maybe you have someone out on vacation or maternity leave and you need a temporary replacement. Instead of hiring someone for short term and incurring the additional expense such as recruiting, screening and onboarding, your business could benefit from the services of a staffing agency such as Career Staffing Services.

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