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Nursing and Healthcare Resume Tips


Nursing positions are available in almost every major metropolitan area right now, and in some rural and underserved parts of the country, nursing shortages are actually reaching crisis proportions. So if you’re about to set your sites on nursing position at almost any level, in almost any area of specialization, job availability probably won’t be your biggest obstacle. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have an easy climb ahead. You’ll still need to ace your interviews, and in order to land these interviews, you’ll need a strong, concise, memorable and well-written resume. Here are a few moves that can help.

Use the right terms.

Of course, there’s little benefit in loading your resume with empty buzzwords and hollow fluff. But in the healthcare field, strategic use of current terms and industry concepts can reassure your employer and demonstrate an understanding of the challenges facing hospitals and health systems in our modern economy. If you know anything about healthcare business models, the compensation landscape, patient advocacy, and how the patient/client experience impacts the success of your employer, make this clear.

Quantify your experience.

You’ve worked on the clinic floor for three, five, or twenty years, and during that time, you’ve dealt with specific numbers of certain types of cases. You’ve led small teams and large ones. You’ve taken responsibility for specific sets of specific initiatives. You’ve help to improve patient outcomes in specific ways using measurable, evidence based, and quantifiable methods. Of course you’re also punctual, hard-working, tireless, empathetic, and detail-oriented…but find ways to attach numbers to these qualities and your readers will be more likely to remember your name.

Show off your software skills.

Most busy clinics and healthcare facilities are searching for medical teams and support staff who can adapt easily to new technologies, even those that haven’t appeared on the landscape yet. If you’re familiar with the latest electronic medical record system, explain this in your resume. If you’re comfortable with back office management software like scheduling and charting tools, make this clear as well. And of course, explain your background with clinical software tools like imaging and diagnostic devices.


If you’ve been employed in the healthcare field for a long time, you’ll be tempted to create a long, detailed resume. But for hiring managers and recruiters, less is usually more. Don’t leave out critical information or miss important opportunities, but do find a way to summarize your background and condense less relevant details until your resume can be printed out on two pages.

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