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New Year…New Job?

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At this time of year, your coworkers and friends may be making a list of professional New Year’s resolutions and creating work related goals that can help them get ahead at the office in 2013. If you love your job and the year ahead holds nothing but exciting challenges and opportunity for advancement, feel free to join in the fun. Create a list of all the ways you can impress your supervisors, rack up more sales, exceed your quotas and help your company expand its market footprint.

On the other hand, if you gaze into the year ahead and just can’t get fired up about anything you see, it might be tie for a different kind of goal-setting challenge. If you don’t see a long term future with your current employer and you’ve been hovering for a long time with one foot out the door, make this the year you finally take the leap.

Start looking for a new job now, and get ready for year of transition and forward motion, hopefully in the right direction. Try these tips.

Find a Great Job In 2013

1. Start by determining exactly what you need that your current situation lacks. Are you ready to step into management, but there are no positions available with your current employer? Have you been passed over for a requested promotion or raise? Are you not receiving the training, resources, or respect you need to be happy? If so, you can only move forward if you know exactly what you want. Make a list.

2. Make sure your issues can’t be resolved in-house. If deep down you really like this job but you’re just experiencing a patch of boredom or burn-out, find out if there’s anything you can do to solve the problem without changing venues. Talk to your supervisor or mentor if it helps.

3. When you’re ready to move, get off on the right foot. Create strong new resume—don’t just touch up the old one you haven’t taken a close look at in five years. And create a list of contacts you’ll be calling to ask for guidance, leads, and advice.

4. Structure your job search from the beginning. Determine how much time you’ll spend each week reaching out to your network, scanning job boards, and attending industry events. Where do you plan to be in the process by January 30? How about mid-March? Set goals that correspond with calendar dates. Be realistic, but keep the pressure on.

For help getting your job search off the ground and tips on how to manage your search while you’re still employed, reach out to the Little Rock Staffing and job search pros at CSS. We can help you get where you need to be by this time next year.

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