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Need Help Preparing for Your Interview? There’s an App for That.


No matter how impressive your resume may be, or how active and engaged you stay during the networking process, you won’t get past the finish line without a powerful in-person interview. Many managers rate the interview process as the most important step for a potential candidate, meaning that even with a great application, a weak resume can tank your chances…And the reverse: even a candidate with minimal real world experience can hit a homerun with an interview that shows she can handle pressure and think on her feet. So to make sure interview gets you past the gate, what steps can you take to prepare?

Apps and Helpful Resources

As it happens, plenty of app developers and website creators are standing by to help job seekers with this very issue. Some of these tools are more effective than others, and some provide a wider range of practice questions and more industry-specificity than weaker products that haven’t been carefully developed.

One of the most promising app products on the market right now is a financial interview app developed by Brian Holland of the Macquarie Group. His product is available at the App Store and can provide users with real-life interview questions, the kinds of brainteasers that financial employers sometimes present to candidates, and links to other valuable resources that can help applicants prepare for their moment in the spotlight. Meanwhile, plenty of websites are available that offer free access to huge data bases of common interview questions. Some of these sites provide general questions for candidates at entry, mid, and advanced career levels, and some provide industry-focused questions that apply at every level.

While no app or website can substitute for native wits, genuine ambition, and a background of meaningful coursework, it’s always a good idea to start a few days before your interview and experiment with any resource that might help you sharpen you central message or bolster your confidence.

For more information on where to find these apps and resources and how to evaluate their quality, check in with the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS. Call our office today for guidance and recommendations that can help you prepare for anything your interviewers might send your way.

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