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Meaningful Employee Recognition on a Budget

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You know perfectly well that without the talent and commitment of your hard working employees, your business wouldn’t be where it is, and neither would your career, your future, or your life. The little things they do and the extra effort they invest are the vital assets that keep your customers coming back. So even if you don’t have the budget resources to offer monetary bonuses, how can you let them know how much you appreciate their work? Here are a few small ways you can show your gratitude and encourage your staff members to stay with your company over the long term.

1. Tokens. The more meaningful the better, but even a small object like a plaque, a bowl, a clock, or a framed certificate can have value if it’s presented with respect. If you don’t offer annual MVP awards or an “employee of the month” recognition program, now may be a great time to start.

2. Tickets. Tickets to a show, game, or museum exhibit can accomplish two goals: first, they encourage your valued employee to go out and have fun in exchange for her hard work. And second, they give you a chance to demonstrate that you know her well and understand her interests.

3. Encourage socialization. Instead of offering individual gifts, consider throwing a semi-annual party for your employees on a weekend evening. And if that’s too much, try a backyard barbeque, a plate of sandwiches from a local deli on a random Wednesday, or a regular sponsored happy hour every Friday at a local pub. Everybody loves to gather over food, and the more time your employees spend chowing down, the more time they’ll have to relax and get to know each other on a personal level.

4. Time off. In our busy modern world, a growing number of employees value free time even more than a little extra money. Reward or thank your highest contributing employees by letting them leave a few hours early or offering an unexpected PTO day.

5. Additional perks. Anything from gym memberships to month-long free parking passes can make workdays a little more pleasurable for your teams, and these small gestures certainly won’t go unnoticed. Find out what kinds of perks your employees appreciate most, and increase the availability of these items to those who contribute the most to your enterprise.

For more on how to increase engagement and reward your hardest working employees in meaningful but inexpensive ways, reach out to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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