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Manufacturing Technology


“Manufacturing technology” is an industry term that refers to any software platform or mechanical equipment that makes a manufacturing or production process more efficient. Certain forms of manufacturing technology cause bigger industry-wide waves that others after they’re introduced, and some software tools are swept up faster than others once they become available to the manufacturing business marketplace.

This number (the number of new manufacturing technology orders during a given month or year) can be used to monitor the health of the industry as a whole, and in fact, the rate at which manufacturing technologies are produced and adopted is carefully tracked by the AMT, the Association of Manufacturing Technology. The rise and fall of numbers tracking new technology orders can predict the direction of various trends and changes across the sector. For example, observing the data gathered by AMT can help manufacturing decision makers determine which technologies are worth a heavy investment and which ones are rising or falling in popularity and value.

This data allows manufacturers to keep up with a new process that’s accelerating across the industry, and it can also help managers keep costs under control and maintain competitive profit margins. It can also provide insight into the direction of labor trends. If a growing number of companies are implementing a new technology format that reduces or economizes the need for staff, or protects existing staff from workplace hazards, or reduces the potential for human error, these numbers can shed some light on what, why, and how much.

As of the fall of 2014, new manufacturing technology orders were up by about 5.2 percent over the previous year. With cooperation from Congress and the support of comprehensive tax reform, new orders are expected to rise during the year ahead.

The Association of Manufacturing Technology draws these numbers from companies that participate in the United States Manufacturing Technology Orders report (USMTO). These reported numbers are compiled by the trade association representing the production and distribution of manufacturing technology. Collectively, this data covers regional and national orders of all United States manufacturing technology, including domestic and imported machine tools.

For more on how this report is compiled and presented, and more on what it means for the industry as a whole, reach out to the Little Rock manufacturing staffing experts at CSS.

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