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Manufacturers Need to Be Aggressive in 2012

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With the election cycle underway and business owners joining in with the rest of the citizenry to cast votes in their best interests, there’s much talk in the business world about what those interests are and how best to pursue them. While some pro-business voices rail at government regulation and demand tax breaks and federal protections, there are a growing number of industry leaders who are beginning to take control of their own destinies and find independent solutions to the obstacles they face. 

According to these leaders, the path to success in 2012 and beyond will be marked by aggression, bold innovation, and intelligent compromise. If business owners can take care of themselves, these leaders say, then they won’t need tax break handouts, free passes, or protective intervention from government referees. Here are the three central pillars of this philosophy.

Unified Software Platforms

One of the keys to successful manufacturing in 2012 will be unified software platforms and data management systems. ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are no longer cutting edge innovations. Nor are they only available to companies with Fortune 500 level technology budgets. ERP systems have been scaled, streamlined, customized, and directly marketed to small businesses for years, and they can help almost any company take data sharing and back office management to the next level.

If ERP systems (or remote data management via service provider) aren’t part of your business strategy at this point, they should be. Implement a network solution and watch your productivity rise and your error rates drop.

Increased Mobility

Mobile applications and hand held devices are also transforming the face of business. Enable employees to complete work anywhere, and support them with apps and data plans that keep them on track. Mobility means productivity, which means greater output at a reduced cost. 

Better Control Over Labor Costs

This doesn’t mean demanding that the government reduce the minimum wage. It means implementing smarter and more cost effective hiring, management, and retention strategies. It also means improvements in mechanization and bold technological innovations that increase output while reducing dependence on human capital. Fearless adoptions of new technology will pave the way for a streamlined and more cost effective workplace.

Meanwhile, higher standards for recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers will reduce turnover and improve the fit between employees and their positions. With fewer workers in the office, companies can afford higher compensation and better benefits, which can increase job satisfaction and contribute to a positive spiral of healthy interdependence.

Is your business ready for challenges that lie ahead? If you’re looking for ways to stay independent and control your own destiny in the upcoming decade, start with a close look at your hiring strategy. The Arkansas staffing and employment experts at CSS can help. Contact our Little Rock staffing agency and arrange a consultation with our team.

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