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Manufacturers: Get Started With Social Media

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Launching a social media business strategy isn’t as complicated or financially risky as hesitant manufacturers imagine. And contrary to the beliefs of some in the industry, manufacturers can, in fact, gain as much from well managed social media campaigns as those in direct distribution and retail. Branding matters at every stage along the commercial chain, and as the saying goes, consumers develop a relationship with a brand, not just a product. Every point of contact between the two can have a lasting impact on the health and future of a growing company.

The Benefits of a Social Media Strategy

The most important benefit of a strong social media strategy is related to market impact. Size does matter when it comes to a company’s online footprint, and in the digital world success begins with traffic. The more people visit your site, your feed, or your blog, the more exposure you’ll have to potential sales and the greater the odds will be of any of your marketing efforts hitting the jackpot and going viral. 

Of course, traffic doesn’t automatically translate into sales, and high sales don’t automatically translate into high profits and happy shareholders. The factors that determine business success are complicated. But when web users sit down with Google and enter a service they need followed by a geographic area (24 hour plumbers in Boston), either your company will appear at the top of a list of search results or it won’t.

Launching a Social Media Campaign from the Ground Up

A successful social media campaign will help your company gain footing on several different fronts, including elevating your search engine rankings, reaching out to your targeted online audience, and generating buzz and general word of mouth name recognition. All of these things can have a cascading effect including (and not limited to) increasing numbers of product reviews, a growing number of listings in internal search engines, and a high profile in the business community where your suppliers and strategic partners meet and interact. 

But this footprint expansion doesn’t happen by magic. To get name into circulation, you’ll need a cost-effective—and time-effective—digital media strategy. Enlist the help of a digital marketing firm that can maintain your blog, support your brand, and control your SEO and media feeds while you keep your attention focused on the core elements of your business.

For more information and practical help with you social media marketing strategy, reach out to the Little Rock small business management and staffing experts at CSS.

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