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Manager Engagement

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How would you describe an “engaged” employee? How does it feel to have a conversation with her? How does it feel to ask her to complete a task, provide a status update, or accept critical feedback? How do others respond when he walks into a room? How do his non-verbal gestures, including clothing and posture, influence his clients and coworkers?

Now apply those same questions at the managerial level. What does an engaged manager look like? And do these descriptors apply to you? Here are a few qualities of engaged managers that set a great example for their teams.

1. Engaged managers are physically active.

Be carefully not to chain yourself to your desk or use your office as a place of refuge. Of course you have work to do, but at least three or four times a day, get up and take a walk for no specific reason. Check in on your employees, spend some time in the company café, and observe your teams in action. Stay visible and on the move.

2. Engaged mangers are curious and they ask plenty of questions.

Contrary to what some may believe, the “manager” title doesn’t give you the last word on every subject, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you know everything. Even if you think you get the gist of a message or a story, ask a few questions before you walk away. Stay open to new information, and when you receive answers, listen and remember. Learn from your employees as often as you teach them.

3. Engaged managers show an interest in their employees as people.

You and your employees are all adults, and you all have plenty of ideas and interests in common. Chat with them. Learn about their lives, and find out what motivates them, what impresses them, what discourages them, what they’ve been through, and who they are as people. The more you’d like to learn, the more you should share. And remember: Your job isn’t limited to running this department. You’re also being paid to coach your team.

4. Engaged managers never stop growing.

Recognize that when it comes to personal development, you aren’t finished. And you never will be. True engagement means recognizing and pushing against your limitations every single day.

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