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Make a Great First Impression During Your Interview


Most of us already understand the basics of acing a job interview, even we’ve never attended a formal interview in our lives. The goal: convince the hiring manager to sign you on. The strategy: make an effort to sell yourself as a smart, competent, hardworking person who won’t let your boss and teammates down. Of course, you probably already recognize the minimum tasks required to pull this off: show up on time. Dress neatly and appropriately. Think before you speak. Don’t be rude.

But if you want to make a winning impression and set yourself apart from your completion, you’ll have to do a little more than the minimum. And for that, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind.

Control your own destiny.

While you’re bending over backward to seem accommodating and eager, pause and take a breath. This kind of behavior can definitely communicate that you want the job, and that’s important. But it can also make your seem 1.) hard to read, 2.) a little spineless, and 3.) confused and adrift. If you’re willing to do anything at all to make this manager happy, than she may struggle to get a sense of who you really are and what you really want. And consequently, she may find it difficult to really trust you. Instead of laying down like a doormat, ask as many questions as you answer. Make sure this interviewer is someone you’d really like to have as your boss, and make sure this job is the right one for you.

Be friendly.

Don’t let the stakes of this meeting get too high. In other words, remember that the world will keep on turning whether you land this job or not. This day is just one day, and this conversation is just one conversation. Get to know your interviewer. Open up, relax, and share the friendly and confident side of your personality. Think of this as an opportunity for a meaningful conversation with a new connection…nothing more.

Stay in control of your body language.

Even if you try your hardest to control your nervous energy, this energy can surface in a host of physical gestures that you may not notice you’re displaying. Anything from restless foot tapping to anxious giggling, to a hunched, frightened body posture can undermine the message you’re trying to send with your words. So stay aware of your body and what it’s doing at all times. Keep your hands, feet, and face under control, calm and composed. And keep your eyes, back, and shoulders straight and direct from the first moment of the interview to the last.

For more on how to inspire confidence, trust, and respect during your job interview, reach out to the staffing experts at CSS.

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