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Keeping Employees Engaged and Committed

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As an experienced manager, you already know that your employees are your most valuable form of capital. And you know that to reduce turnover and keep your talented workers on board, you need to pay them fairly, keep them safe in the workplace, and provide the benefits and health insurance they need in order to take care of their families. But sometimes, just keeping employees onboard isn’t quite enough. You’ll also need to go the extra mile to leverage your human assets and get the most out their time, labor, and talents. Keep your employees fully engaged and committed to their jobs by following these guidelines.

Listen When They Complain or Make Requests

Keep your door and your ears open, and when your employees aren’t happy, take action. Even if you don’t have the budget resources or the bandwidth to solve the problem, make sure they know that you’re listening. Let them know that you’re on the same team and you share the same goals. This relationship isn’t adversarial—you need them, they need you, and you both need to trust each other in order to move the company forward.

Involve them in Decision Making

It may not always be possible to run every company decision past your employees, and if your company isn’t a democracy (most aren’t) then there’s no need to do this. But as far as possible, keep them in the loop. Let them know when the organization at large lands a big new account or engages in a merger. Ask for their input, just in case they can offer insights you haven’t considered. Let them know that you value their knowledge and perspective.

Match the Right People to the Right Jobs

Some workers excel at some types of tasks, and others excel in different areas. Keep a close eye on your employees as they grow and their talents and interests evolve. When you see a person with skills that aren’t being optimized, step in. Likewise, when you see a smart, hardworking employee who’s simply being assigned to the wrong tasks, redirect her efforts to another division or another set of responsibilities. In the meantime, watch out for boredom and monotony and make sure employees are always growing and learning something new.

Keep Your Workplace Fun

Infuse your workplace with lively energy. Encourage conversation personal friendships that extend beyond these walls. Sponsor a happy hour once every week or two, and thank employees who make an extra effort to lift the mood and spread cheer. These employees offer a value that can’t be measured and should always be rewarded.

For more on how to keep your teams engaged and dialed in, contact the Expert Little Rock Staffing Team at CSS.

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