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Keep Your Manufacturing Process Running During the Holidays

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During the busy upcoming fall and winter season, manufacturing managers and operations pros will face one signature problem that may overshadow every other issue for a few months: Scheduling. Will you have enough personnel on site to handle the tasks your facility will require? And if necessary, how will you face the perfect storm of a seasonal peak in demand combined with a seasonal drop in available hands? If you’re about to head into the holidays with a wave of new orders and a corresponding wave of absent employees, don’t worry. We have the solution.

Temporary help can keep your business moving.

Consider taking on a team of temporary employees to keep your lights on and your assembly lines running. Temporary employees and contingency teams can offer the skills sets you need or the semi-skilled abled bodied workers who can keep your basic operations in motion. Do you need admin help? Do you need workers on the shop floor? Do you need front line customer-focused employees or back office teams to handle accounting, payroll, or other operations? In all of these cases, temporary help can keep you going and temporary staffing experts can provide that help.

Temporary help moves in fast.

Contact our office and arrange a consultation, and we can start the sourcing and screening process for your temporary teams right away. You don’t have to curse the stars because you didn’t put the process in motion in July. Again, no worries! Our networks are wide, our sourcing strategies are proven, and we can find the people you need when you need them, even if you’ll need them this very month.

Temporary help means low risk and low stress.

Temporary employees are hired and paid by the staffing agency, not by you. This means you won’t be handling tax reporting or payroll issues, and you won’t have to stick it out with an employee who just isn’t meeting your needs. If you change your mind or change your plans, we’ll transfer your temporary worker to another assignment and find a replacement.

Temporary help can bring long term value.

If the opposite happens and you love your temporary team member so much that you want her to stay and work full time, that’s fine too. As soon as her contract period ends, she can step on board under any terms that work for both of you. Temporary staffing allows both parties to get to know each other before making any kind of permanent long term commitment.

To learn more about how temporary staffing works and how you can use this form of employment to keep your facility running during the busy season ahead, reach out to the team of experts at CSS.

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