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Job Hunting Tips For Warehouse Workers: Do’s and Don’ts

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Looking for a job in warehouse, stock facility, or loading/unloading area? Keep a few simple tips in mind and you’ll have the advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Warehouse Worker Job Search Tips: Do’s

Plan ahead. Before you even begin applying for jobs, do some soul searching and determine where you’d like to be in five years and what kinds of jobs can get you there. Once you know the kind of position you’re looking for right now, research companies and available jobs that can offer what you need.

Be punctual and reliable. If you’re asked to submit credentials or paperwork by a certain date, make sure you get your information in earlier than required. And it goes without saying that you’ll need to show up for your interview on time. That means at least ten minutes early.

Dress for the interview, not for the job. It’s true that if you land this position, you’ll spend most of your workdays in street clothes or coveralls. Jeans, boots, and cotton shirts are not only standard warehouse attire, they’re often required for safety reasons. But you’re not heading in for a day of work, you’re appearing for a job interview. If you’re  a man, wear a button-down shirt, khaki or dark colored slacks, and dress shoes. If you’re a woman, wear a business-casual blouse and slacks or a skirt.

Warehouse  Worker Job Search Tips: Don’ts

Don’t ignore your body language during the interview. Make sure your posture is straight and your eye contact is direct and relaxed. Speak clearly, and don’t provide one-word answers. Elaborate.

Use what you know about the company to emphasize your credentials. Do some online research before your interview to gain a better understanding of where this company is headed and what qualities and skills these hiring managers may be searching for. During the interview, find ways to explain how your experience reflects those qualities.

Don’t lose patience. Warehouse jobs are not easy to find in every area, and in some cases, demand is so high—or so low– that perfectly qualified workers are turned away on a regular basis. It can be very frustrating to pin your hopes on one opportunity after another only to end up back where you started. But don’t give up. The right job is waiting for you, and to find it, you’ll have to keep looking. 

For job search guidance, resources, and information about open positions, contact the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS. We’re here to help job seekers connect with opportunities that match their career goals.

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