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Job Hunting during the Holidays Can be a Great Idea

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During the weeks between Thanksgiving and January, the holiday season can have an impact on the both the pace and the outcome of your job search. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While decision- making processes tend to slow down during this time and hiring managers are often unable to respond immediately to messages and applications, there are plenty of ways job seekers can use the slowed pace of the holiday season to their advantage. Instead of slowing the pace of your networking efforts and application submissions, consider pushing your search process into high gear. Here’s why.

1. You may be feeling the pull of other obligations during this time, and you may be experiencing the urge to slow your efforts, relax, and focus on recreation and celebration. But so are other job seekers reaching for similar positions. If you keep the pressure on throughout the holiday season, you’ll be doing so in a comparatively thin field of competition.

2. In many cases, managers are actually accelerating decision processes during this time, not slowing them down. This is because the quiet of the holiday season presents a great time to onboard new candidates and introduce them to the office environment at an easy pace. In many workplaces, managers would prefer to return to regular routines after January 2nd with new employees already in place and learning the ropes.

3. Depending on your field and the business model of your potential employers, the holiday season may represent the busiest time of the year, not the slowest. Hiring often upticks during this time because of increasing need based on the forecast for the coming year, and it can also be a time of transition for departing employees who leave positions vacant.

4. The slower pace of the season also allows managers to make careful and considered decisions and to complete all necessary due diligence regarding the most appealing candidates. By applying at this time, you allow them to focus all necessary energy on reviewing your credentials.

Don’t slow down your job search during the holidays. Instead, take this opportunity to push extra hard and take your efforts to the next level. You may start the new year with the gift you want most of all—a rewarding new position and the chance to put your job search behind you. Reach out to the Little Rock Arkansas staffing experts at CSS for more tips and guidance.

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