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Interview Your Interviewer: Important Questions to Ask Potential Employers

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When the right candidate is lined up with the right open position, everybody benefits. The candidate launches into a new opportunity in exchange for a secure future and fair compensation, but the candidate isn’t the only one who wins. The hiring manager also gets to declare victory. Not only is company gaining a promising new employee, it’s also keeping this talented human capital away from the competition and profiting from her ambition, her experience, and her stellar personality.

So as you head into your interview, remember: You have something to sell, but you also have something to buy. Make sure you’re getting everything you need by asking the following questions.

1. Why is this position empty and available?

There are several reasons why a position might be available, and each answer can reveal important information about the job you’re stepping into. If the company is growing and adding to its payroll, that’s good news. If the position is open as a result of high turnover, that’s not such good news. If the position has been standing open for a year, that suggests the company doesn’t care much about this job. If the current occupant is still in his chair, but he’ll be leaving soon to become a full-time parent or move to another state, that doesn’t suggest anything specific…but it’s still a good idea to ask.

2. What does your interviewer like most and least about working for this company?

The answer to this question can tell you something about the company culture, its mission, and its values. Read between the lines to find out more about how employees are treated and what kind of growth opportunities might be available here.

3. What qualities will be most important for success in this position?

Among previous position holders, which of their skills were the most valued? What kinds of traits held them back? Again, listen carefully to the answer you receive and read between the lines. Keep an ear out for the responsibilities and daily challenges of this job that might make good use of your talents or run counter to your personality.

These are just a few of the questions that you can and should ask your potential new employer before your interview comes to an end. For more questions, along with additional advice and job search guidance, reach out to the Little Rock staffing and employment experts at CSS.

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