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Innovative Ways to Motivate and Retain Employees

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Even while struggling with a weak economy and facing the challenges of a difficult job market, employees can still be surprisingly difficult to hold onto, especially talented ones. Great workers with marketable skill sets will always have options outside of your company or organization. So if you can’t hold their interest or pay them what their time is worth, you increase your odds of losing them.

Payment rates are usually determined by budget resources, at least on some level. Most small business owners eventually reach a point at which raising salaries can cause more harm than good, if it’s even financially possible. But beyond larger paychecks, are there steps you should be taking to keep your employees happy and make the most of your staffing, training, and retention strategies?

Get To Know Employees Personally

In order to keep your employees from being lured away by better salary offers, you’ll need to come up with innovative ways to build loyalty. And to do this, you’ll need to start by simply getting to know them. Ideally, your managers should recognize the kinds of working conditions and perks that appeal to employees on an individual level. They should also understand the unique conditions and situations that employees resist and resent.

Have your managers spend a certain percentage of each day engaged in non-work related conversations with their direct reports, and encourage them to understand what’s going on in employee’s lives. There’s no need to cross the boundaries of professionalism—Just encourage a relaxed and personable dialogue between employees and managers in the interest of improving communication.

Use This knowledge to Trust Them

Once managers understand the challenges employees are facing in their personal lives, and the conditions that make these challenges easier to handle, they can target their management styles to bring out the best in their employees while also making them feel happy and fulfilled.

Trust is an important part of this equation. Mangers should give employees leeway and decision making power within their areas of strength. If an employee shows capacity and willingness to take on greater responsibility, or work under relaxed supervision, managers should extend their trust and let employees face challenges, accept the risk of failure, and grow.

Use This Knowledge to Inspire Them

Mangers who understand the individual quirks and preferences of their teams are also at a unique advantage when it comes to offering motivation and inspiration. Once you know who your employees are, you can tap into their professional goals—and life goals– as you look for ways to build their confidence. Reference their personal ambitions and personal heroes in order to push them forward.

Are you looking for specific ways to relax your office culture and improve communication between managers and employees? Are you trying to reduce high turnover and keep your top performers out of the hands of your competition? Whatever your retention goals may be, the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS can help. Contact our Little Rock, Arkansas employment agency today.

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