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Industrial Job Outlook for 2015


If you’ll be launching into (or continuing) your search for an industrial job in 2015, will you be prepared for the trends and events that may shape the marketplace during the next twelve months? Keep an eye out for a few factors that may shift the landscape, and get ready for some events that might make the search easier in some ways and more difficult in others.

Manufacturing Jobs are On the Rise

During the past few years, manufacturing jobs have seen a steady increase, and there are plenty of reasons to believe this trend will continue. For decades, employers actively closed down domestic plants and shipped facilities and jobs overseas, but this process is now in reverse, and these facilities are now flooding back to domestic shores. Outsourcing just isn’t bringing the returns that it once did, back when developing economies meant lower salaries, and tax regulations rewarded employers for moving facilities out of the country.

As production and distribution move back to the states, jobs return as well. This means more opportunity for those with relevant skill sets.

Technological Skills are Hard to Find and Valuable

As employers search for new hires, some skill sets are easier to find and some positions are easier to staff than others. Employees who hold commonplace skill sets don’t have much negotiating power, but those with hard-to-find skills hold all the cards. And most of these high-demand skill sets are related to coding, programing, and maintaining very specialized machinery and equipment. Inventing years of time, countless energy, and excessive tuition dollars in one very narrow skill set may seem risky, but this risk may pay off in the form of high-paying offers.

As the Job Market Bounces Back, So Does Candidate Bargaining Power

A few years ago, at the height of the recent economic slowdown, jobs were hard to come by and employers could get away with egregious hiring practices. Multiple rounds of interviews, disrespectful treatment, and low salary offers were just the beginning. But now that the market has returned and candidates aren’t as desperate as they once were, smart employers are recognizing the signs and shifting their approach accordingly. Weaker ones are still using the old methods, and losing talented candidates as a result.

For more information on the shifts taking place in the industrial hiring landscape (as an employer or a candidate) reach out to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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