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How to Write a Resume for a Skilled Trade Position

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The nuts and bolts and basic framework of a professional resume tend to look the same, regardless of the specific industry or the level of the job seeker’s intended position. So a resume for a skilled trade position (like plumbing, carpentry, beauty and styling, or HVAC maintenance) will look similar in structure to a resume for any other full or part-time job. But there are still a few moves that trade-related job seekers will want to keep in mind if they hope to stand out from the competition. Consider these tips as your draft your resume and submit it to potential employers.

Basic Resume Structure

1. Begin your resume with a heading that includes your name and all of your contact information. You can balance this information to the left side of the page, the right side or the center, but make sure it’s clear, accurate and accessible.

2. Follow your heading with a three-sentence summary of your most important qualifications. Answer a simple question: Why are you the best candidate for this job? Do this by summarizing the most important points drawn from the detailed information below.

3. Follow your summary with a subheading titled “education”. List your schools, degrees, training programs, and certifications.

4. Follow your education sections with a subheading titled “Work history.” Under this heading, list each of your previous employers followed by the most important responsibilities held and accomplishments you completed while working for this company or organization.

5. Finally, end your resume with a brief section titled “skills”. Include any skills that may be of interest to this employer and that may set you apart from other candidates. These may include languages you can speak, software programs you’re familiar with, first aid or safety training you’ve gained, or special accomplishments related to your sports or hobbies.  

Specific Tips for Tradespeople

Most employers hiring tradespeople will be interested in two key factors above all else: 1.) Are you certified and/or licensed for the position you’re seeking? And 2.) do you have enough experience and training to be trustworthy?  If you can answer yes to these questions, you’ll need to make this very clear. State this information briefly in your summary even if you’ll be discussing it in more detail further down the page. And make sure your most important accomplishments are described clearly, are easy for employers to find, and are stated in a way that makes them memorable.

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