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How to Build Momentum

Build Momentum 2

Building and maintaining momentum can help you get through challenges and make the most of opportunities. But it might surprise you to know that the best time to start building momentum is immediately after a challenge, the successful completion of a project, or landing a big account. All to often this is the time we are inclined to let up and rest instead of pressing on.

While it’s important to celebrate your accomplishments and praise and encourage your team, you want to avoid falling victim to the the arrival syndrome. The arrival syndrome is that false sense of security that will lure you into thinking that you have made it. When this happens you slow down. You quit building or finding new ways to improve your products or services or to grow and develop your team. You quit actively looking for new business or new opportunities.

The thing about the arrival syndrome is that it is sneaky. You and your team are still busy and still working hard. You may even feel as though your organization is spread too thin. As a result, you quit doing many of the things that you did to build your success. You may even maintain your level of business for quite awhile. All the activity lulls you into thinking everything is good.

This however, is the very time to push harder and prepare your team for the next big challenge. Why? Because you never know when changes beyond your control will occur. Maybe a big client merges with another business and your products and services are no longer needed or maybe they move out of state. Maybe someone on your team leaves or needs to take a a leave of absence due to a family emergency.

In order to build or maintain momentum you must consistently be seeking additional opportunities. It’s also the time to re-evaluate the performance of your team. Do you have the right people in place? Would someone be more productive in a different role? Which team members should be cross trained? Are you too focused on the daily operations that you don’t have time to focus on growth? Is the team experiencing burn out and should you hire additional staff?

Career Staffing Services is here to help you avoid the arrival syndrome by ensuring you have the right people on your team. Contact one of our recruiters today at 501-801-8061.

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