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How Can a Staffing Partnership Streamline Your Hiring?

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The hiring process can be long and riddled with uncertainty. It can also be expensive, and a large part of this cost comes from time; the time HR teams spend sorting through resumes and the time staff members spend in interviews obviously doesn’t come for free. And sometimes the worst happens, and companies hire an exciting candidate who accepts months of costly training only to underperform or leave. So what steps can you take to tighten up this cumbersome process? How can you streamline your sourcing and selection program in order to save time and money while increasing your chances of a successful pick? Consider partnering with a staffing agency! Here’s why.

Our reach is wide.

While searching for your perfect candidate, an established, experienced staffing firm like CSS can tap into a professional network that’s both deep and wide. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we’ve made countless connections along the way. We also have access to digital tools that can help us transmit your job description to a large but perfectly targeted audience.

Our experience is vast.

Again, when it comes to finding excellent candidates for companies like yours, we’ve been around the block a few times. We use research, evidence and sophisticated testing to pair you with great matches. But we also use the intuition and experience that come from decades spent matching candidates using red flags and subtle signs of positive alignment.

Contingency staffing reduces risk.

If you’ve ever wished you could try out a relationship using a kind of “test drive” or probationary period, now is your chance. Take on a new employee on a temporary or contingency basis, and over- commitment will never stand in your way. Both you and the employee will be free to re-evaluate the relationship at any time, and if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll provide a replacement. The employee will be on our payroll, not yours, so you can walk away without dealing with excessive red tape. If you love the employee, you can hire him or her full time after the contract period ends.

We’re great listeners.

Your needs are complicated, and we get that. You don’t just want a candidate with generic smarts; you need specialized skill sets and a detailed set of abilities and personal traits. Sit down with our staffing team and explain what you’re looking for, and we promise to listen, understand, and help you find it.
For more on how a staffing agency can help you reduce risk, cut costs, and find the candidates who can help your company grow, reach out to the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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