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Hiring Secrets of Successful Companies

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Some of the basic principles that drive hiring strategies across every industry in America have been in place for generations, regardless of evolutions in technology. Of course companies need to cast a wide. Of course they need to focus their efforts on the most promising candidate sources, like universities with strong programs in a given field. And of course they need to work hard to maintain strong workplace reputations so attractive candidates will chose them over their competitors.

But there are a few key moves that are too often neglected, even by the most savvy employers. And there are also a few steps that companies sometimes reject, even when they know better. These moves can keep your hiring strategy a step ahead of the rest of the marketplace.

Think like a Seller, not a Buyer

Focus on the needs of other party. Dale Carnegie spoke the simple truth: in any negotiation, the real winner fixates on what the other party wants, not vice versa. Too many companies create job postings that are little more than a robotic, half-angry list of demands. A set of bullet points describing exactly what you need is fine—after all, how else are candidates to know if they’re really qualified? But you’ll catch more flies with honey. Envision what your ideal candidate likes, wants, and intends for the future of her career. Then work those things into your pitch.

The Quality of the Job Lies in the Manager

The difference between job satisfaction and job misery usually lies in the manager, not the actual nature of the work. And most employees with more than a year of experience have started to recognize this. In fact, a manager with a weak reputation can actively deter talented applicants and tank the company’s workplace brand. So as you work to attract talented candidates, sell the manager, not just the job. Enlist the support of your PR team in this effort, and make sure a Google search of the manager’s name produces positive information.

Use Specialty Recruiters and Target Focused Communities

Recruiters can help you attract a wide pool of strong candidates, but you’ll get even more mileage out of your recruiting team if they have training, experience, and vast network connections in a very specific area of the field. You’ll also keep your search efficient if you focus your efforts on niche communities, both on and offline. Go to the places where the best candidates will be searching for work, but even more valuable: Go to the places where they meet each other and where they spend their free time.

For more targeted guidance on keeping your candidate search lean, fast, and effective, arrange a consultation with the Little Rock staffing experts at CSS.

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